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Silver Haze

Silver haze Buy silver haze Buy marijuana flower online Buy cannabis strain LA Online kush dispensary Marijuana hybrid strain

Silver Haze


(9 customer reviews)

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About Silver Haze

Silver haze Buy silver haze Buy marijuana flower online Buy cannabis strain LA Online kush dispensary Marijuana hybrid strain

Silver Haze is a 50/50 hybrid strain with reported THC levels of up to 14 percent. The strain is named for the frosty trichome covered buds it produces that can give the buds a silver hue.

Providing powerful euphoric within moments of use, it elevates moods and causes users to feel rather happy. Artistic types will find their medium calling to them, fueling a need to create. Many will also feel a rise in energy that makes them want to get outside and do something. The mint tinted piney taste will be accompanied by cotton mouth and dry eyes. Occasionally users may experience dizziness, paranoia and headaches.

A great morning and day time strain, Silver Haze is often used for it’s cerebral effects that can reduce stress and anxiety. Those suffering from minor to mild chronic aches and pains may find this strain useful. Patients dealing with depression are also often recommended this strain. Some choose to use it to calm nausea and induce an appetite. Buy marijuana flower online. Buy cannabis strain LA. online kush dispensary

Silver Haze was bred by Sensi Seeds in an attempt to produce a Haze that could be grown well indoors. To overcome the height, yield and flowering issues of  Haze they crossed it with a pure landrace Afghani Indica. The end result is a 75 percent Sativa hybrid that flowers for 65 to 70 days and is capable of an average size harvest.

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9 reviews for Silver Haze

  1. Ethan

    best quality silver haze i’ve smoked in a while

  2. Jackson

    While being a sativa dominant strain it still has hints of indica roaming about because of you smoke enough of this you’ll feel extremely couch locked. A perfect mixture of the two if you want to relax while drawing.

  3. John

    Perfect daily basis sativa, really good morning kick starter. Love to have it with huge coffee and hell of a piece of strawberry chesecake. Would defo recommend it to the beginers becaue of its non abusive high(more euphoric than relaxing). Peace!

  4. Luke

    Without a doubt Silver Haze is my favorite strain so far! I’ve smoked this a handful of times and I always love it. It’s a perfect strain to smoke with a group of people, because it makes you feel energized, talkative, and it puts you in a great, friendly mood. One of the great things about it is it really fucks you up but somehow you can act like nothings up if you need to. It just gives you all this confidence, so if you’re confronted by anyone you don’t panic, you just play it cool. I just love the way it makes me feel. It looks, smells, and tastes great too. The only negative I can think of is it made my eyes really bloodshot, and really glazed over which doesn’t usually happen. I would definitely recommend this strain though, I love it!

  5. Dylan

    That is indeed right, if you read the other reviews “ This were here be stronger than a bit 💪🏽, had me doing breathing treatments because it was so Suttle when I started smoking a 2g palm blunt, half way through I put it out and right after I felt these effects so strong, my hearing seemed intensified because a normal volume hurt my ears, 4 hours into it a quick gym session later I was breathing like the first time I ever got high trying to tell me self I’m a vet stay calm. Me personally I want mod sun to be playing in the background I felt like a little kid got a honey bun ate on the curb with some chocolate milk cause the munchies were and weren’t there. It’s like you could control it if you needed to. Don’t know how I got this high.

  6. Anthony

    Good/great strain good party/social smoke. Standard buds, standard smell. Good on the go smoke and a standard taste.

  7. Isaac

    Sativa dominant, for sure. You smile automatically.and can function efficiently, as you can easily focus. I can see starting the day with this strain, especially if you need to get things done………and want to be high.

  8. Jaiden

    This has been my #1 favorite for 7 years now and I dont think that will ever change. I’ve had hands down the best memories to date while using this strain. you cant help but laugh, come up with fun ideas, and enjoy the little things. I love Silver Haze

  9. Gabriel

    i got my package in style and on time. great high and damn am gonna be needing more of this shit

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