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OG Kush

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OG Kush


(13 customer reviews)

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OG kush strain Buy og kush strain Buy cannabis online Buy medical marijuana Buy weed for stress Buy recreational weed online

About OG Kush strain

OG Kush is a legendary strain with a name that has recognition even outside of the cannabis world. Despite its fame, its exact origins remain a mystery. However, some claim that it’s a cross between staple Chemdawg and a hardy Hindu Kush landrace.

It’s also possible that OG Kush emerged from undocumented bag seed as a distinct phenotype of some other existing strain. The meaning of its name is also disputed — the “OG” has been alternately said to stand for: “original gangster,” connoting its status as an old-school building block strain; “ocean grown,” in reference to its origin along the California coast; and even “OverGrown.com,” a now-defunct website that served as a resource for countless cannabis growers.  One thing that’s not up for debate is OG Kush’s potency. Its THC composition has been consistently measured at between 20% and 25%.


The buds are covered in trichomes that lend them a silvery-white appearance and make them very sticky to the touch.  when prepping buds for a joint or a pipe, users may want to use a grinder. When properly cured, the buds have a earthy, musty scent that is accented by some citrusy brightness: the overall impression is of a hoppy craft beer. Burning or breaking open the buds offers more of a pine-like odor.

Smoke from OG Kush is commonly harsh and cough-inducing; it may sting the sinuses and cause eyes to water. The smoke tastes hashy and spicy like a classic indica on the inhale and exhale. OG Kush’s pungent funk may linger for a while after a joint has been extinguished — those looking to remain discreet about their smoking should take the proper precautions. OG kush strain Buy og kush strain Buy cannabis online Buy medical marijuana Buy weed for stress Buy recreational weed online

effects and benefits of OG Kush

The high from OG Kush is more head-focused than physical. It starts with a sudden headrush that may lead users to feel more focused on their surroundings; sounds and colors may seem intensified. This alteration of the senses may soon give way to a general uplift in mood that progresses towards euphoria. The increase in focus is not as cerebral as with more pure sativas. As a result, smokers will not suffer from a disorienting sense of rapid thought association or “mindrace”.  It’s a versatile smoke that lends itself to the user’s mood and mindset. The combination of mental stimulation and improvement in mood makes this a uniquely social strain. It’s good for parties and lively conversations. OG kush strain Buy og kush strain Buy cannabis online Buy medical marijuana Buy weed for stress Buy recreational weed online

OG Kush is also a great way to enhance activities that involve the body and mind, like video games, exercise, and even sex. It has medical application as a means to temporarily relieve anxiety and depression by helping users live in the moment. Its sense of focus can also be helpful for those suffering from attention deficit disorders.

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13 reviews for OG Kush

  1. Abraham

    Love this strain for its potency. Smoking this helps instantly with anxiety, depression, sleep, and all though it gets you very relaxed i still find it smoke all day and get things done

  2. Calvin

    As someone who almost never smokes, this one is nice. It doesn’t take a lot to get high, and the effects don’t kick in for a good 5-10 minutes, so you can smoke outside and walk into your dorm looking sober. Pretty energetic strain, but not overly so. You can easily just lie in bed, listen to music…

  3. Eric

    nstant diesel smell and peppery taste. Eases you in for a long high. Hits quick but grows. Dry mouth, dry eyes and the munchies. It’s good.

  4. Alan

    Beautiful strain, potent chilled high, definitely a nighttime smoke OG Kush will SLUMP you lol

  5. Brantley

    This made me feel amazing and needing to go to the hospital at the same time.. it knocks me quickly and also gives me bad palpations, but once I get out of my head, I feel so great!!! It’s a great strain to share with your lover, if ya know what I mean!!!!

  6. Malachi

    Strong, pleasant aroma out of the bag. Nugs were fairly large and dense. Smoked this out of my bong and was a very sedating, mellow high. One of the best strains available here for sure.

  7. Giovanni

    Good all in all strain. Gives me a little tad of a headache, but high A-F. Very herbal taste in this batch, behind the eye high but also a little bit sluggish, No anxiousness very very relaxed. Would definitely recommend

  8. Emmanuel

    You will need 2 boxes of fruity pebbles, gallon of milk and your favorite show, cause your ass ain’t leaving that couch…

  9. Jonah

    I was feeling god headbuzz at first, but then after 5-10 minutes I melted in the couch. The smell is incredible, the aroma is beautiful and the bud look incredible 5/5 easy.

  10. Timothy

    Definitely a nice hybrid, but does get me tired, calm and relaxed for three hours. Took a bit to kick in when I smoked it, but when it did it was good, always get it if my dispensary has it (sells out fast where I live)

  11. Ryker

    This strain helped me a lot with my mood swings, a little with pain but mostly helped me mentally.

  12. Lucas

    Awesome! You’ll feel very relaxed but also focused on every details of the moment. Like mindfulness! As for sex, you will be at it for hours definitely.

  13. King

    Dont understand the hype. It’s okay but not too strong and strikingly short-lasting for me. I love so many OG Crosses, but the original OG Kush dosen’t give it to me.

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