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Purple Candy

Buy purple candy strain Purple candy strain Best cannabis strains Quality weed for sale online Weed for relaxation Medical marijuana How to buy weed

Purple Candy


(9 customer reviews)

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Buy Purple Candy strain

Buy purple candy strain Purple candy strain Best cannabis strains Quality weed for sale online Weed for relaxation Medical marijuana How to buy weed

Purple Candy is an indulgent indica-dominant hybrid with eye-catching flowers and a deeply therapeutic body high. This strain was created by British Columbia-based breeders BC Bud Depot — who have also given us God Bud and Optimus Prime — as a cross between their own Sweet Tooth and colorful Northern California favorite Mendocino Purps. As resinous as it is colorful, this bud can be a potent smoke, even for cannabis veterans. Its THC content has been measured at between 15% and 19%.

Appearance of Purple candy strain

Purple Candy distinguishes itself with large, multicolored flowers. These buds tend to be large, holding together in thick and tapered formations, almost like miniature pinecones. The squat and compact flowers have an indica-type structure, as their relatively small leaves overlap and coil tightly inward toward their central stems. The leaves themselves are a dark shade of forest green and often also show patches of purple. These purple hues are due to the presence of pigments called anthocyanins, passed on from parent strain Mendocino Purps. Finally, these already-colorful nuggets are encrusted with cloudy white trichomes that make them very sticky and account for their high psychoactive 


When properly cured, It’s flowers burst with a sweet berry and grape aroma. There are almost some woody base notes of pine. Grinding up the buds gives off pronounced musky and earthy odors. When combusted in a pipe or a joint, Purple Candy burns with a smooth and easily palatable smoke. True to its name, the strain has a sugary, candy-like character with mouth-puckering fruit flavor on the exhale. Buy purple candy strain Purple candy strain Best cannabis strains Quality weed for sale online Weed for relaxation Medical marijuana How to buy weed

Effcts and health benefits

Purple Candy can have a slow, creeping high, sometimes taking several minutes after users have toked to reveal its presence. A concerted pressure around the eyes and temples is one of the first signs that the strain is taking effect. There can also be some changes in the senses — visual and auditory distortions are often reported, as is a sense of time passing more slowly. The strain’s energy may be thoughtful as first. Smokers can be decidedly introspective, putting their thoughts and problems into perspective. Great weed for relaxation and anxiety

This cerebral high can also point itself toward any work that may be on a day’s agenda; Purple Candy’s high may be good for analytical, problem-solvings, as well as for more open-ended creative brainstorming sessions. As the high whiles itself away, the strain’s relaxing indica side reveals itself. A tingle begins to roll down from the neck and radiate outward through the core and limbs. At this point, it can be fun to kick back and get some pleasure reading done or catch up on TV shows.

Purple Candy’s ever-present sativa edge may also inspire chattiness and camaraderie if the strain is consumed in social settings. You don’t need any specific plans to enjoy this potent bud, though — just relax and let slow waves of euphoria wash over you. As dosage is increased, couchlock becomes more of a possibility, squelching any prior motivation to get up and move. Under the right conditions, it can be easy to drift off to sleep while under Purple Candy’s spell.

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9 reviews for Purple Candy

  1. Kameron

    This strain gives a good head high right from the start. Then I get really horny. I find online porn more interesting and sex very wild. Zero fxcks given while enjoying this purple sweetie! My memory gets really short and I lack focus. Very fun strain for a crazy night.

  2. Jayceon

    Hands down tastiest bud Ive ever smoked. It really does taste of its name sake. I strictly vape this one as to get the full experience this strain has to offer. Its a hybrid but this one hit like an indica. Pretty intense couch lock if you smoke too much

  3. Cash

    ain’t no joke about the indica dominate, has me on the couch thinkin of a sandwich but can’t move

  4. Gunner

    awesome for night time. been feeling nice and sleepy.. tastes and smells sweet. also pretty great for headaches
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  5. Milo

    The most gorgeous buds on earth. Its purple, candy – like smell. So many trichomes but not so sticky. A particular characteristic of strong indica – body high. You’ll feel totally melted, then calming and relaxing. A good pain killer but the best sleep pill.

  6. Francisco

    So far so great. Taste is on point. Very relaxed and in the moment. Amazing.

  7. Reid

    First of all I have to mention that I rarely had in my life such well cured weed so the producer must be extremely skilled because his rendition is awesome, very snowy crystals on the buds that taste marvelous. It’s smell pine and slight berries. It’s taste is typical to many good kushes from the west coast, sweet and earth. After taste and smell is hashish like with a hint of berry. The buzz is mainly physical and pain killer but is also very psychedelic in the mind. Better as a sleep aid, it’s also great for relaxation and meditation since it helped me appreciate a lot the sounds and music and colours around me. The day after the pain killing effect is still a little bit there but you seem to feel more motivated and positive about the future. Great strain!!!

  8. Felix

    Great strain for a relaxed afternoon. I a head and body high focused and functional. Not being a fan of indica. This is surprisingly good. Hope the come down doesn’t come with sleep. Stay tuned

  9. Remington

    Wow I love love love this strain! Beautiful Indica body effects. Very tingly. Also creates a horny feeling. Great before bed. Highly recommend!

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