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Gorilla Glue

Buy gorilla glue strain Gorilla glue strain Gorilla glue weed Gorilla glue marijuana strain Buy hybrid strain CA Order weed online USA

Gorilla Glue


(15 customer reviews)

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Buy gorilla glue strain Gorilla glue strain Gorilla glue weed Gorilla glue marijuana strain Buy hybrid strain CA Order weed online USA

About Gorilla Glue strain

Packing a punch with even the smallest hit, Gorilla Glue (also known as Gorilla Glue #1) has quickly become a favorite for users seeking a super powerful and sedating high. Coming onto the cannabis scene during the summer of 2016, those at GG Strains created a hit with this 50/50 hybrid strain. Chem’s Sister mixed with Chocolate Diesel gives you Gorilla Glue, and it takes on a strong yet pleasing scent while instantly hitting you with its effects.

Gorilla Glue shares a lot of Chocolate Diesel’s attribute. This gives users both a smell and taste that’s reminiscent of coffee and mocha notes. However, don’t let the yummy tones fool you, as this strain also packs a sour punch with diesel flavor that stays in your mouth long after you’re through. It’s recognized for its earthy and pungent attributes that many compare to its sister strains. Buy gorilla glue strain Gorilla glue strain Gorilla glue weed Gorilla glue marijuana strain Buy hybrid strain CA Order weed online USA

Those who want the most bang for their buck tend to favor Gorilla Glue. This is because its super powerful THC levels give you an instant high that’s deep and long-lasting. This strain measures near 28% THC at times. As a result, new smokers should go easy with this strain. As it can produce some unpleasant side effects if you aren’t careful.

Effects of Gorilla Glue

After smoking, you’ll instantly feel happy and uplifted, easily forgetting the stresses of work and allowing you to get ready for a relaxing night. The dark olive green buds tend to be pretty frosty, almost making it have a tranquilizing type of effect. As you melt into the couch with joy the giggles might come up. While you’re experiencing a complete mind and body numbing high, any chronic pain will be washed away. Buy gorilla glue strain Gorilla glue strain Gorilla glue weed Gorilla glue marijuana strain Buy hybrid strain CA Order weed online USA

Gorilla Glue is most definitely a heavy hitting strain. So, users should expect a few side effects even if they are accustomed to smoking regularly. Many note a super dry mouth right away. So keep some water handy and prepare yourself for dry and itchy eyes. Those who are extra sensitive may experience anxiety that leads to paranoia, dizziness, or a headache.

Health benefits

Individuals who struggle with insomnia, depression, or anxiety depend heavily on this strain, as it’s widely known for being one of the hardest hitting highs that combats nearly any medical symptoms. As your mind slows and your body relaxes, you’ll notice that mental clarity is hard to come by, which is often a desired effect for many.

Growing Gorilla Glue

Cooperating in warm outdoor environments, Gorilla Glue seeds are pretty easy for the average grower to cultivate. Plants can get rather tall and need regular trimming in order to yield a satisfactory amount of bud, but overall they are easy to work with. Keep this strain away from excessive rain or frost and you’ll end up with plants that flower in about 8 to 9 weeks. Buy gorilla glue.


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15 reviews for Gorilla Glue

  1. Lorenzo (verified owner)

    Have always loved this strain but recently been decreasing my anti depression meds, in hopes to eventually be off pharmaceutical meds all together. This strain is the only thing that can help with my extreme nausea and dizziness. Thank you Gorilla Glue

  2. River (verified owner)

    Gorilla glue is a very potent strain. Understandably a Masterpiece. when it comes to tolerance it does not matter whether you’re a novelist or advanced smoker this is the one for regular smoke beyond natural comprehension. Good Day.

  3. Beckett (verified owner)

    I felt like I was glued to the couch alright, but was also having fucking nervous breakdowns and shit like wtf. A little bit is nice tho

  4. Rhett (verified owner)

    i love the peppery taste in this. no paranoia. it’s nice for body relaxation. makes me feel like goop

  5. Brady (verified owner)

    This one definitely glued me to my couch I tried it on several occasions and my body just felt so heavy. I tried to throw darts and couldn’t my arms were to heavy and then shortly after I could not move at all. If you want to be glued to the couch this is for you. I had weird aches all over as well so I wasn’t even that comfortable and my cell phone felt too heavy to text.

  6. Jax (verified owner)

    Right now I’m happy, aroused, calm, relaxed, euphoric. I’m having a good time. will be back for more shortly

  7. Messiah (verified owner)

    Awesome strain. Def my new favorite evening strain. Super physical high with euphoria. Relaxes the whole body. Some indicas just make me tired. This is the complete package. Reminds me of one of my other favorite indicas, Hell’s OG

  8. Zane (verified owner)

    Was a solid high. Not the goofy high but you will definitely be “glued” to your bed and stuck in one spot. It makes you super lazy so i don’t recommend this if you have things to do that day.

  9. Omar (verified owner)

    Smooth and hits you good

  10. Lukas (verified owner)

    whatever you’re doing while smoking this, be prepared to be doing that for about an hour or two. time goes by really fast on this, but if you can find a comfy spot somewhere and put on music, it feels amazing.

  11. Andres (verified owner)

    This strain and Northern Lights are my favorite combination. This alone works well for me at night and I am able to sleep through the night. I have a high tolerance but this one takes less for me to get where I need to be. I recommend for people with issues sleeping and anxiety. I get the munchies pretty bad too.

  12. Zion (verified owner)

    Gorilla Glue is really nice for bedtime. Helps my muscles relax and soothes my overactive mind. A little sweet tooth as a side effect but not the worst 😉

  13. Omar (verified owner)

    Top 5 for sure

  14. Dawson (verified owner)

    Great for focus except I was getting focused on all the wrong things but that could just be me, spicy/herbal taste to it with a bit of citrus. Good strain for relaxing but after a few hours it may put you on the couch

  15. Jaden (verified owner)

    An astounding creeper. I’ve smoked for around 25 years and can honestly say this one has slipped past me. I’ve smoke with all types of people all across the globe and can’t say I’ve had the pleasure of getting knocked out by this one. At first glance, this didn’t impress me at all. It doesn’t look like anything great, and didn’t have much of a smell, even while smoking it, I wasn’t impressed. 15 minutes later however, I felt the need to write my first review on kushdispensaryca

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