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Champagne Kush


About Champagne Kush strain

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Champagne Kush, also just called Champagne, is a 50/50 hybrid with bright to medium toned green buds that are covered in orange hairs and smell faintly of the beverage after which they are named. Despite the name of Kush, this strain’s Indica effects are fewer, providing a light body high that may make users feel very tingly. The strain’s cerebral effects are much more prominent, filling users’ mind with a warming, mood elevating euphoria. Users of this strain report a rise in the desire to socialize, becoming much more talkative. Even the “champagne of weed” is not without the usual negative side-effects, dry mouth and eyes, dizziness, headaches and paranoia

effects champagne kush

A good strain for use during the daytime, Champagne Kush’s  tingling body high may ease some lesser chronic aches and pains. However, it is more often chosen by those looking to fight the chaining effects of stress, anxiety and depression related disorders. A few find that this strain helps them sleep easier as well..Buy champagne kush online Quality champagne kush Marijuana strain for sale Champagne kush strain Online kush dispensary Online weed store

Growing This strain

Champagne Kush is a cross between Hashplant and a Kush that had been pollinated by a male Burmese plant. This strain grows short, rarely reaching above 55 centimeters, and flowers in between eight and ten weeks. Outdoors the strain is ready for harvest in mid-November. Champagne Kush can provide a medium to high yield that has been tested at a 15 percent THC level.

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11 reviews for Champagne Kush

  1. Nash

    Took 4 days before i finally got my package but i must confess it was worth the wait

  2. Keegan

    This is the single best strain of weed i have tried. the name does not lie. It tastes a lot like champagne! The buds themselves are very sticky and tightly packed but so powdery once ground properly. Amazing experience. Would strongly recommend to all smokers out there!

  3. Titus

    a really easy going high that you definitely can function at work. a coworker of mine said “wow you look sleepy” but i immediately owned up to eating a weed brownie. i recommend this strain for sure if you want to get blazed but not blown away stoned.

  4. Kyrie

    Champagne kush has a wonderful calming sensation. smooth and comfortable body high that helped me relax. head high is also calming and very relaxing. No parinoia and extra anxiety either which is very pleasant surprise.

  5. Phoenix

    I feel weightless! This strain makes me feel happy and relaxed. I feel like a penguin riding on top of an elephant watching a pretty sunset. The Bloom vape cartridge version of this actually tastes like champagne! A very good bedtime strain

  6. Rafael

    This was recommended to me after the loss of my Mother by the live chat agent. It helped get me through the first few days. thanks guys

  7. Fernando

    good uplifting high made my body feel like i was just sitting on a cloud all my aches and pains faded away

  8. Peyton

    Prepare to takeoff. Your not doing anything that day besides sleep and chill on pluto. Great cart 10/10.

  9. Raymond

    upon opening and putting my nose in I was surprised by the sweet smell of champagne I enjoyed the smooth taste and high was pleasant

  10. Finley

    This changes your whole affect. It’s a great face buzz and makes ya feel completely content.

  11. Gage

    stop reading and add to your cart

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